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Cims del Mediterrani is a muscat liqueur wine , commonly known as mistela, It is elaborated with muscat grapes from Teulada DOP. Alicante, the best place to make this wine where you can find vineyards on hills by the mediterranean sea. , Cims del Mediterrani is characterized by a very complex aroma which is fruity and raisins, showing the original flavour of muscat grape, .. ,, y es la mistela que ha ido logrando todo el reconocimiento.El último reconocimiento fue la medalla de oro den el Concurso Internacional de Lyon 2014, where participated 3.685 wine from 22 countries. ., ., .. Our Mistela

Mistela Cims del Mediterrani

Cims del Mediterrani

COLOUR Gold, translucent, crystalline and bright.
NOSE Very fine and aromatic herbs, fresh and flowers, ., ., honey, the bests notes of muscat grapes.
PALATE Sweet, fruity, powerful, unctuous , not cloying. Persistence and taste very nice. Very long and post-taste. Good acidity..